Zero attempt is made at self promotion. This website was set up purely to showcase my images and share my travel expriences. I do not sell my photographs.

Follow my travels by clicking on ‘Current Location’ on the header. This feature is updated via GPS. I will also upload travel images taken from my cell phone.

It has always been my goal to capture a photograph that replicates the scene. Sometimes this requires the use of digital techniques. As an example I may use focus stacking to achieve a wider depth of field, I have on occasion also attempted focal length blending. With no commercial interests I can keep my images as natural as possible. There is no pressure, often I may return from a foreign trip without a single keeper. I guess you could say I’m a firm believer in quality not quantity.

All galleries include an image icon.  ClickingMore information the icon opens a narrative for the relevant image. It does not open a new tab, in order to return to the gallery click the back button on your computer.


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