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Pakistan – the next great adventure


In September I will begin a three-month trip to photograph in the mountains of northern Pakistan. Those who follow my photography may know that I did not return to Patagonia in 2017, I decided instead to take a break so as to allow myself the chance to refresh and essentially plan a new and exciting location. Back in 2010, I spent a month trekking in the Karakorum Mountains on a guided organized tour. In the last seven years, I’ve not stopped thinking about Pakistan. I feel re-inspired to shoot there because it’s an area that hasn’t been heavily photographed and it’s such a vast area that one could spend a lifetime and still barely scratch the surface.

Traveling on a budget in Pakistan will be a little harder than in Patagonia. I cannot base myself out of any one small town, instead, I will rent a small motorbike. This means I will be restricted by how much I can carry. I will not be able to take my laptop so I’m going to write a diary which I’ll review and post on my blog upon my return to Europe in December. Hopefully, I’ll have a number of interesting and unique images to add. It’s my plan to make several, if not many trips to Pakistan over the course of the next decade or so. I also plan to return to Patagonia in early 2018.