France has over 100,000km of hiking trails known as Sentiers de grandé randonnée. There’s a lot of information online so I won’t try to add to it. After finishing the Haute Randonnée Pyrénéenne I decided to hike the GR5, normally one would begin this trail at Lac Leman on the Swiss / French border. Instead I chose to hike from south to north. This actually worked out nicely because I had the sun on my back much of the day. As an additional benefit my solar panel soaked in more power. I added a little to the overall distance by hiking the GR52. This I’m told follows a more impressive route than if one were to start in Nice. In fact I’d go as far as to say that if I were to return to any parts of the hike I would go back to certain areas along the GR52. 

Here’s some of my photos:


The trail begins in Menton on the French Italian border
The GR52 begins with a steep 2000m climb here we see the last glimpse of
coastline. I chose to begin my hike in the evening, this was shot in the morning of the first
full day.
As much as this was a pleasant hike I’m always keen to look for potential places to photograph. This lake was a little off trail but I thought it might be a place i’d return to with a real camera.
A reservoir in the Vanoise National Park
The cellphone really can’t compete with my Nikon Z7, but it was far more practical for this trip
A beautiful waterfall makes me pause in my tracks
Just south of Mont Blanc this was another place that held my attention. When the sun opened through a gap in the clouds it really helped bring out the colours in the foreground.
Again we see the rich colours enhanced by diffused sunlight
Though access would be difficult and dangerous I feel sure this gorge has many photo opportunities
It was a little odd seeing a British phone box in France
Mont Blanc

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