Pacific Crest Trail

The Pacific Crest Trail is one of the premier long distance hikes in the world. Stretching from the border of Mexico the route crosses the  length of California before entering Oregon and finally ending on the Canadian border. With a distance of 2653 miles (4270km) the trail passes through some of the most diverse and spectacular scenery in the U.S. 

Hiking the trail in 2006 was an incredible experience for me, it was whilst hiking that I decided to develop my enthusiasm for photography. Long distance hiking does have one disadvantage; you have to keep moving as you have limited food to get from A-B. This of course means that if you find a great place to photograph you are unable to wait for good light. 


Day one, right on the border and looking far too clean
Early days in the Anza Borrego Desert
Water for walkers, kind donations when needed most
Wow someone left candy on the trail
There were a lot of rattlesnakes in the desert
Looking pretty but this is pollution from Los Angeles
Reaching Kennedy Meadows and the start to the Sierra
The high point on the trail
I climbed Mt Whitney as a side trip
In 2006 there was a lot of snow
I had great weather
I hiked on my own but would often meet other hikers
I would go on to bicycle to China with this guy in 2008
River crossings were always fun
I’ve never seen fir cones this big before
I reach the midpoint
Mt Hood in the distance
I ended up getting Trench Foot
And plenty of blisters
Food wasn’t too healthy. The Mountain House meals were a kind donation
from two day hikers I met
Forest fires were a real problem. I watched this one go from very little
The fire progressed towards me
I rarely built a campfire but it was always nice when I did
Following the firefighters
I saw a few bears but this is the only one I was quick enough to photograph
The Tatoosh Fire forced me to finish my hike in Hope Canada instead of at the official spot at Manning Park
I reached the border on September 11th. From this spot it was a full 30 miles to the nearest town, fortunately I was able to hitchhike to Hope BC.

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