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June 10-16th and June 18th – 24th


Patagonia winter workshop in Los Glaciers National Park Argentina guided by Andrew Waddington and a registered local park guide. There are two dates to choose from: June 10-16th and June 18th – 24th priced at $3000 per person. Each workshop will be restricted to just 6 persons (minimum occupancy 3 persons).

The workshops will concentrate solely on photographing Los Glaciers National Park and will NOT venture into Chile. This workshop is unique because it’s the only workshop that stays entirely in Argentina and it’s the only photographic workshop in winter.

The vast majority of workshops operate in April during the autumn.  This is a great time to photograph, but it has become increasingly crowded. During the winter our footsteps may be the only ones in the park. Winter weather and the cold conditions bring many new opportunities for landscape photographers. 


Winter light on the famous Cerro Torre

Questions and Answers

Why should I choose your workshop?

El Chalten and the mountains of Los Glaciers National Park have captivated me for nearly ten years. I’ve made several lengthy trips to photograph in the park, I typically visit for between 3 and 9 months. Devoting this much time to one area has given me an unparalleled knowledge of both the landscape and the vagaries of Patagonian weather.

What can you teach me?

During the week we will cover a range of topics, these include:

  • What to consider for a good composition
  • Photography techniques
  • How to make the best use of the conditions
  • Use of modern technology for planning a shoot
  • Reading the local weather patterns
  • Safe travel in the mountains
  • Advice for Torres del Paine

Isn’t it really cold and what about snow conditions?

It is cold, however, the daytime temperatures in June are typically only a few degrees below freezing. Winter brings stable conditions, and it’s unusual to get high winds. 

I read somewhere that El Chalten closes down in winter?

This is true to some extent. Many of the restaurants and hotels close, but the park and a few hotels remain open year round. 

How far do we hike and where do we stay?

You need to be fit. There’s no denying that to get the best out of this workshop you must have a good level of fitness. We’ll be hiking upwards of 20km (12miles) a day and may do a bit more. On a typical day, we’ll leave in the dark under headlamp and will often hike for two hours before sunrise.  We won’t be camping, the workshop will be staying in Rancho Grande in twin room accommodation. For those wishing to have a little more luxury or single person occupancy, there are other options, feel free to contact me with your specific requirements.

Will there only be one guide?

Park regulations require us to have a local guide, this is important from a safety aspect. I expect to hire a local guide who has actually climbed Cerro Torre – the mountain in the above photograph – during the winter!

Will I need to bring specialist winter equipment?

I would recommend bringing a pair of fisherman’s chest waders. This will allow you to get into the streams to photograph. The water is not deep and is unlikely to rise above thigh height. A more extensive equipment list can be found further down.

Is the tap water safe to drink?

The water in El Chalten is some of the cleanest drinking water in the world.

I’d really like to go to Torres del Paine?

I can understand this. If you wish to go to Torres del Paine before or after the workshop I can offer plenty of advice.

What is the closest airport?

You need to fly to El Calafate, most international flights connect in Buenos Aires. Once in Calafate airport, there are direct shuttle buses to El Chalten. You will be met from the bus upon arrival.




Goal for the workshop

The goal is to run an affordable workshop to give photographers an opportunity to visit Los Glaciers National Park with minimal fuss, cost, and logistics. This workshop is unusual in that we will not be going to Torres del Paine I feel that your vacation time can be better spent concentrating on one park rather than lose 2 days travel between Argentina and Chile. For those wanting to continue their stay in South America, I can offer advice and location information for Torres del Paine.

I will assess the conditions on each day before making a decision where to go to shoot. Because we will leave in the dark it’s impossible to be sure if the mountains are visible. But the only way to guarantee you won’t get a shot is to not go out. There may be times when we cannot see the peaks at sunrise. Fortunately, conditions change fast in the mountains. By concentrating on one park alone, you will be spending nearly double the time spent by other workshops. I’m confident that with my experience you will return with great memories and photographs.


Recommended kit list

  • A reliable headlamp with spare batteries
  • Chest waders (see frequently asked questions)
  • Gloves. It’s wise to have two pairs, one thin and one warmer pair
  • Hat or balaclava
  • Sturdy hiking boots
  • Gaiters see here
  • Trekking pole/s (may be especially advantageous for icy trails)
  • Rain jacket
  • Medium weight down jacket or synthetic insulated jacket
  • Thermal base layer underwear, especially for the legs
  • Camera specific backpack
  • Some trail food; example Clif Bars or similar
  • Sturdy tripod
  • DSLR with lenses ranging from 16mm – 200/300mm for a full frame camera 
  • ND and Polarizer filters
  • Lens cleaning kit, this one is highly recommended
  • Spare memory cards
  • Remote trigger or intervalometer
  • Spare camera batteries
  • Battery charger
  • Travel plug adaptor

Workshop cost, what’s included/not included

Deposit $500. There can be no refund of deposits unless you are able to find someone to fill your space. The remaining balance of $2500 must be paid no less than one month prior to your arrival.

  • Please note, the day you arrive and the day you leave are not considered part of the workshop. This means that you will have 7 full days on the workshop, therefore you will need a minimum of 9 days for this trip
  • Accommodation will be at Rancho Grande 
  • Meals are included in Rancho Grande, however, It’s essential that you bring trail snacks from home
  • Alcoholic beverages are not included
  • Transport to and from El Chalten is not included
  • Workshop cost can be paid via PayPal to bbl2dg4b@gmx.com
  • Clients must sign a liability waiver and obtain private travel insurance*

Download Liability Waiver Here

* Those without access to a scanner or printer can request an electronic signature form

For further information email: