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Branch Out

I photographed in Patagonia for much of 2015/16; from my cabin in the small town of El Chalten I was able to access deep into the heart of Los Glaciers National Park. Some days I would need a break from hiking, but I would always keep an eye on the sky, because if the clouds looked promising I would be able to run to this tree in under 20 minutes. In all my time photographing the park I only ever saw condors here on two occasions. I should point out that it was necessary to take two pictures to create this image. I used a wide angle lens to photograph the tree, in doing so the condor appeared tiny. It’s 9′ wingspan was miniaturized with the effect of using such a wide focal length. Therefore I pushed my processing boundaries and shot the bird separately with a longer focal length and later added it to the image.  This image does make a more accurate representation of the scene.

Here’s a couple more from the same location:






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