Chapel of Light

Chapel of Light

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Many landscape photographers believe they need dozens of images for their portfolio; my goal is to capture five beautiful pictures.  Having spent eight years shooting landscapes, predominantly in the American Southwest and Patagonia, I consider this my first. My ethos is ‘quality not quantity’ which means I have less desire to use artistic license when processing. It’s important that a photograph reminds me of the scene rather than hours behind a computer. When I found this tree I knew instantly it had great promise, but it would take 4 days to get the shot. I watched the light change throughout the day, attempting numerous compositions. Peak lighting was around 11.00am when the wall behind the tree was illuminated with bounce light and the right side of the tree was just kissed along its length by direct sunlight.

In all I shot almost 60 gigabytes of images, each focus stacked shoot had to be roughly processed on a laptop before I chose the perfect composition. I pulled out all the stops trying to shoot with the camera seven feet in the air. That attempt required fitting broomstick handles to my tripod legs, and standing on stilts so I could get high enough to see through the viewfinder.

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