Kanarraville Falls

Kannaraville Falls

Kanarraville Falls

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I once waded out here in the middle of winter in the hope for some unique angle on a now often photographed waterfall. On that occasion there was too little water. When I returned a year later heavy floods had mangled the wooden ladder, I consider the ladder photogenic so I wanted to rebuild it. I returned back to Kannaraville and begged a hammer and some nails from the owner of the local campsite. Returning really early the following morning I set about trying to remove the broken ladder so I could reconstruct it. I didn’t realise the two main uprights were deeply buried in shale. Trying to remove them one at a time whilst getting soaked from the waterfall was no easy task. I ended up soaked to the skin in the frigid water and strained my back but I like the shot, and of course the extra effort makes it all the more memorable.

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