Mid May

Mid May

For those who visited Patagonia in April and wished they’d stayed on into May let me assure you that you didn’t miss much, at least not in the El Chalten area. With the exception of one very good sunset – the tree and condor shot – the mountains have refused to show their face from behind the clouds. We’ve had lots of rain, and the cloud layer has been so low you could almost touch it from your hotel door. Most of the fall leaves were long gone by the end of April and only a few groves of beech had remaining color.

In many respects I’ve been grateful for the opportunity to relax after two months of continual hiking and photography. My hiking boots are already half worn out at the sole, hiking boots are very expensive here so any delay in replacement is welcomed.

The town of El Chalten has become something of a ghost town with many businesses closed for winter. The supermarkets and bakeries stay open so I won’t starve.

Thankfully I’ve been keeping busy, Mark Metternich stayed over after his workshop and has shown me a lot of processing techniques. There are some aspects of photo editing that can’t be taught; you learn them yourself as you develop your own style. But for nearly everything that can, Mark has developed a clear method developed into his workflow. I’m extremely grateful for his help and now feel far more confident in my abilities.

With Marks help I processed my latest image ‘Lenticulicious’ perhaps a silly name for a photograph but none the less the image topped the first page at 500px despite my absence from the site for nearly six months.

In precisely one month  I’ll be guiding Nagesh Mahadev USA Today’s Landscape Photographer of the year, he’ll join me with his friends to spend 14 days photographing here in Los Glaciers and also in Torres del Paine. Naturally I’m looking forward to the opportunity to guide them. The lakes will certainly have frozen by then, however it’s unlikely to be so cold that the rivers will freeze over.

In the mean time whilst waiting for those dramatic snow conditions I’m kept busy writing a magazine article about my Patagonian trip, I’ll give details about that soon.

" Lenticulicious "

” Lenticulicious “

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