Preparing to leave Patagonia

Preparing to leave Patagonia

It’s been a while since my last post and I’d like to be able to submit some new and impressive images. Unfortunately this winter continues to disappoint, we had a cold spell, which did at least allow me to shoot some ice conditions, but we’re now experiencing warmer weather. This means there’s no ice, and with the exception of one morning we’ve had almost no snow the entire winter. I will be leaving Chalten on August 3rd and in all honesty I don’t know that I’ll be returning. Accessing the back of Fitz Roy has become a dream, which unfortunately looks to be a pipe dream. I ask my local friends to join me and they appear keen, but tie them down and they won’t commit. This is frustrating because it’s far too dangerous to go out on my own. It’s been suggested I head elsewhere, and I have been to Torres del Paine twice in the past 4 months. The last trip was unproductive; TdP is even warmer than Chalten. Clearly Patagonia has entered into a cycle of warm weather.

_ACW3443I went to Perito Moreno Glacier and took this image from the waters edge. It’s rather dangerous due to the ever advancing glacier which threatens to come toppling down on you.







_ACW3638I went to Torres del Paine, the first night was really still so I took a few shots from _ACW3746the typical touristy locations. Unfortunately the conditions weren’t particularly favorable in the following days.




_ACW3655And finally another from the campsite.




I returned to Chalten exhausted, but a light dusting of snow lay on the ground, so first thing in the morning I was out in the park. I made the decision to go 6km into the park rather than attempt new and potentially interesting shots from Laguna Torre. The reason I did this was because Laguna Torre is lower and the areas that interest me see more sunlight, therefore it was quite possible that the snow would have melted, or not existed at all.









One from above Laguna Blanca. I shot this at about midnight, it was so windy my headlamp was literally blown off my head, it fell straight down the cliff never to be seen again!


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