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Sparks Lake


Sparks Lake

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I arrived at Sparks Lake in late spring, long before the snow had thawed. The lake was still frozen in places and you had to snowshoe, or posthole two miles to reach the photogenic parts of the lake. Typically I would spend 4 or 5 days trying to shoot before deciding to try somewhere else. It’s a fun place, and a good place to meet other like minded photographers.

Invariably upon my return, I would meet someone who’d tell me about the amazing conditions the day after I left, or the day before I arrived. Soon it was possible to drive to the end of the dirt road; I would sometimes sit all day watching the lake. Sparks Lake does not have any visible outflow, but if you listen carefully, there are places where the water can be heard seeping into the ground, sometimes I’d watch otters playing in the shallows.

Over the course of about three months I watched the snows melt, the spring flowers grow, and eventually die. I watched summer lightning storms, and eventually felt the flurries of early winter snows. Despite all that time I only got one photograph!