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Guiding in Patagonia…. The Rules!

Guiding in Patagonia 2017 and the Rules of Commercial Photography

Photographers are routinely being stopped and questioned in Los Glaciers National Park (LGNP). The Rangers assume that anyone carrying a tripod is a professional. It’s against park rules to sell photographs without a permit, in this day and age a rule like this might seem impossible to enforce. I’m pretty sure whoever made this ruling is unable to distinguish the difference between someone selling images for a few dollars via a stock agency and someone photographing for a major advertising agency. This rule cannot realistically be enforced; certainly, the park would struggle to set their lawyers on one-time visitors who return to a foreign country.

Those intending to guide photographers next year are going to come under a lot more scrutiny by the Rangers. The rules In LGNP have not changed; they are just going to be more thoroughly enforced.

This year has been the first year that Rangers have placed themselves at the start of the main trails in Los Glaciers N.P. They also regularly patrol along the trails; clearly, a group of photographers with tripods are not hard to spot.

Anyone guiding a commercial workshop in Torres del Paine must employ a local guide, who’s job it will be to make sure nobody breaks park rules. Most importantly for photographers, this means – within reason – you will not be allowed to stray off the trail, this also applies to LGNP.

Los Glaciers National Park goes one step further, workshops must have a permit. This permit is available from Rosana Rivarola her email address is

I’m told the application process takes at least three months.

For local guiding in LGNP, I recommend Fitz Roy Expeditions, I can’t personally recommend an outfit in Torres del Paine.

Fitz Roy Expeditions

Finally please don’t break the rules, the park is there for everyone to enjoy.

It’s no use telling the rangers you’re just a bunch of friends photographing together, they’re not stupid.