The Dragons Den

The Dragons Den

The Dragons Den

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Unlike a true ice cave tunnel this is actually a stack of arches with narrow openings in the roof, these openings allowed light and snow to enter. I found it whilst scouting on the glacier below Cerro Torre in Los Glaciers National Park Argentina. At the time I had something else in mind so I gave it less attention than it probably deserved. I just propped my camera against a rock and set up a rough composition. I knew I was going to need something to show scale so I used a remote trigger to fire off a timed shot whilst I stood in the background.  It was only later that when I got to my computer that I realized I’d captured something quite nice. The gravel creates a pleasing leading line and the snow really works to bring out the dimples in the ice.

I struggled to think of a name for the shot so the title might sound a little bizarre, the Andiperla is an insect that lives on glaciers in Patagonia. It’s also known as a Patagonian Dragon.


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