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I’m banned from the U.S

At the time of writing I am banned from entering the United States. I believe I have spent a little over three years of my life in the U.S so if I never get to return I at least feel I’ve had my share of experiences there. As a U.K citizen I am eligible for the ESTA visa waiver program. During most of my visits to the U.S I have entered with a B1B2 visa, this has allowed me to travel for up to six months at a time. Unfortunately, my old visa ran out, I replaced it but the embassy have cancelled my replacement. No explanation is given. In February 2020 I was due to spend six months in the Southwest, I was not allowed to board the plane and so all my plans were thrown out of the window. 

How I travelled

Transport in the U.S is not what it is in Europe, without a car you’re going to really struggle. As such I had to buy second hand cars, fortunately this is relatively straightforward as long as you have a mailing address in the State where you plan to buy it shouldn’t be too hard. Of course regulations are different for buying vehicles in all States, so check before you travel. Because buying and selling cars is quite a commitment it makes sense to travel for lengthy periods, this is why I prefer to travel on a B1 or B2 visa.


I owned several vehicles from 4WD’s to smaller Subaru Outback’s
Subaru’s were ideal, cheap on fuel and comfortable for car camping

The Four Corners of the Colorado Plateau

Nowhere else quite took my attention like the American Southwest. The corners of Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico provide some of the most unique photo opportunities. I did explore the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii, but I kept returning to the desert.  

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